aTV Helper v1.0b

I have dubbed my backup/install/restore script aTV Helper.
Version 1.0b is included with rev17583.

- computer running OSX
- apple TV with XBMC and ssh enabled on the same network

- backup/install/restore SVN builds on aTV

V2 Plans:
- full GUI
- skins management
- user data backup/clear/restore

If you have problems or feature suggestions let me know in the comments.

*A note to anyone who helped test
delete "Data" folder before running v1.0b


  1. Dude, you need to add an option to change appletv ip.

    Or give a pointer to where it's stored.

  2. When it prompts:
    ip -
    password - frontrow

    Is the information correct?

    Answer "No" and you will be asked for the ip and pass again.

    Info is stored in conf.txt is in the Data folder.

  3. Hmm.. I'm having a funny problem..

    No matter what I do (change ip of ATV etc), when I click on "backup", and the terminal window try to scp from my ATV it uses

    even if I change it as you said above..

  4. My bad. One line of test code was left in.

    Will upload new version tonight.