Launcher script update

Launcher script has been updated for Babylon Alpha 1.
If you are testing you may want to redownload the build you are using.


New install location

Babylon Alpha 1 has been released and with it a change in install path.
'/User/frontrow/Applications' instead of '/Applications'

I will be updating aTV Helper and my Launcher source within the next few days to handle this change.

If you installed Babylon Alpha 1 DO NOT use aTV Helper until it has been updated.

Launcher 3.0 has been released as well so expect a tutorial/aTV Helper update to add my source to it in the next few days.


XBMC SVN rev19195

- default build
- Skin PM3.HD

Seems to run much smoother then rev19065 on aTV



Looking for testers

If you didn't already know the new Launcher 3.0 can use 3rd party sources. Using this new feature I have setup a test host and I need a few people to try it and make sure it works.

- apple TV with launcher 3 beta 5
- decent ssh knowledge... if you can install the new launcher your good

This will also come with a new build (rev19195)

If you are interested pm Tsf42m on xbmc.org's forum


XBMC SVN rev19065

- Default build
- Skin: PM3.HD
- aTV Helper v1.1b

.dmg (65MB)