Current plans

I am planning on releasing a new build every 2-3 weeks. If any particular build has a lot of problems expect one sooner.

I am currently including PM3.HD and xTV skins.

I will have a poll before the next build to select the skin(s) included with my builds. Make sure to leave skin suggestions in the comments of this post.

Also I have put the revision number in the system info page so you can easily check what rev you are running.


  1. People can install their own skins under /Users which makes the svn much smaller and easier to update. Leave PM3.HD and xTV (never used that one).

    The way I see it, anyone who is doing svn updates already knows how to use xbmc and manage their own skins.

    Btw, very nice work. I'm loving the newer releases.

  2. I'm looking forward to your tutorial! I haven't had any luck with the directions posted over in the [MAC] Third-party regular SVN builds for Mac OS X and Apple TV? thread!

  3. My plan is to keep the builds smaller by using only 1 or 2 skins. I was just wondering what skins people want them to be? Please leave a suggestion if you dont like xTV or PM3.HD.

  4. Personally, I don't use either of those. I really like MediaStream 1.0. I find that it works pretty well on the AppleTV if you select the "Lite" theme. It's not totally smooth, but it hasn't crashed on me yet and the presentation is just top notch in my mind. Over the years, I've gone from PM2 -> PM3 -> xTV -> Aeon -> Horizonz and now to MediaStream. While I think it's the best skin, you probably should leave PM3.HD in as it's an excellent default skin. IMO, I don't really see any reason to leave xTV in there. I mean, it's sort of clever because it's XBMC running on an AppleTV, but it's just not a very modern skin.

    I'm eagerly awaiting a new build and, especially, a thorough tutorial on getting this over and running! Thanks for the effort you're putting in!